Carp fishing in France
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 Smallwater lakes in the Aquitaine.

"Good angling news"

Catch carp or any fish from our lakes in France & we will donate to cancer research.

A big Hello to all our carp angling customers & future carp angling customers

We at smallwater lakes have decided to donate money to cancer research every time you catch fish from our carp / coarse fishery in France.

We will donate 10 pence for every Kilo of fish that you catch during your carp fishing holiday in France at Smallwater lake to cancer research UK.

There are tons of carp & other fish in Smallwater carp fishing lakes waiting to be caught so good luck & tight lines !

At the end of your french carp fishing holiday at Smallwater lakes we will give you a cheque made out to Cancer Research UK registered charity No. 1089464.

All you have to do is pop it in the post to:-

Cancer Research UK
Halifax Road
SN12 6YY

when you get back from your carp fishing holiday in France.



Roach, Rud, Goldfish,.........= 10p per Kilo 

Tench, Bream, Bass & Perc..= 10p per Kilo

Koi Carp & Zander...............= 10p per Kilo

Common & Mirror Carp,........= 10p per Kilo

All catches of fish must be verified.

Letters from cancer research to Smallwater lakes.


Book your carp fishing holiday with accommodation now at Smallwater lakes in France & help beat cancer.

Contact us



Support Cancer Research UK and help beat cancer

  • We are the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer.

  • Our research has been at the heart of the progress that has seen survival rates for cancer double in the last 30 years.

  • But too many lives are still devastated by cancer. It's vital that our work, funded entirely by the public, continues.

  • By donating monthly, joining a fundraising event, or shopping with us you will help us get closer to our vision of beating cancer.



Smallwater lakes Carp fishing holiday in France home page
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Who would guess that a tiny black seed could help heal cancer, calm epilepsy and decrease insulin resistance? In fact, Nigella sativa is known as the "seed of blessing," providing natural relief to a wide variety of illness and chronic disease. Remarkable in its ability to rebalance health, this time honored plant is experiencing a modern resurgence in popularity - and for good reason.

Treasured by Egyptian pharaohs, respected by contemporary researchers

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Type 2 diabetes - In animal tests, glucose tolerance and body weight improved when aqueous extracts of the seed were administered orally. Researchers found the extract inhibited intestinal absorption of sugar which in turn reduced blood glucose.

Cancer - Rich in thymoquinone, beta-elemene and beta-sitosterol, the oil of black seed is a fierce anti-cancer agent. It protects against oxidative stress, induces cancer cell death and enhances immunity. Several studies have shown it to be effective against pancreatic, colon and breast cancer.

Epilepsy - A study of 23 children revealed the effectiveness of the seed in reducing the frequency of seizures. During the four week investigation, participants received either a placebo or black seed extract. Those who were given Nigella sativa experienced a significant reduction in refractory seizures.

But that's not all. According to GreenMed Info, black seed is also:

- Anti-inflammatory

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Additionally, Nigella sativa soothes high blood pressure, asthma, ulcers, and acute sore throat and protects against MRSA infections. Moreover, it nourishes the body and assists in curbing fatigue; quiets skin conditions like eczema, acne and psoriasis; and treats dysentery, diarrhea, constipation and other digestive disorders.

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