Carp fishing in France

with lake side holiday accommodation.

Description of fish / carp caught from Smallwater lake.


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Gary & Lesley's summer family holiday in France at Smallwater lakes  - George :-(

Lesleys first carp from france and personal best of 35lb

That's the way to go !!


Jessica's huge common carp


A few of Chloe's carp.

Well done.


Wakie wakie


Cheese !


Is that a cloud up there ?


This is comfy


That's bright !! can I go back now please.


Damn he got me !


Chloe's roach

and skimmer



I am smiling, just take the d*** photo


Nice top


Where's the comb


Wednesdays double


That aint no carp

See you all again next year with George.



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