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Carp bait for sale on site.


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Hire THREE carp rods with reels and 20lb line plus rod rests carp landing net, unhooking mat, fishing brolly and Stool or chair

for just 5 a day. ( Plenty available ) All you need to bring with you is the terminal tackle ( hooks, links, weights etc ) + bite alarms.

Match rods are also available for hire.

Bivvys / tents, sleeping bags and bed chairs are also available for hire,

2 man bivvy plus one bed chair and sleeping bag = 5 euros per day.

2 man bivvy plus two bed chairs and two sleeping bags = 7 euros per day.

Bite alarms are not suplied.

A 100 deposit is required that will be returned in full when you hand the fishing tackle back with nothing broken.


A selection of bait is also available to buy on site

Including Dynamite biats ComplexT & Monster Tigernut

Both have a proven catch rate on our fishery.

Clear wraped 5kg sacs with hook baits & pop ups.

CompleXT pellets, 5kg clear wraped 20mm boilies & hookbaits.

5kg clear wraped 20mm Monster Tigernut boilies & popups

Dynamite 20mm CompleXT = 12 per kg or 50 per 5kg

Dynamite 20mm Monster Tigernut = 12 per kg or 50 per 5kg

Other Top Quality baits below

All of which have caught many times.

20mm halibut boilies = 10 per kg (it's what we feed our fish)

20mm spicy bird food boilies = 10 per kg (usually one of the best)

20mm shrimp/prawn boilies = 10 per kg

20mm green lipped mussel boilies = 10 per kg

20mm squid boilies = 10 per kg

10mm halibut pellets = 4 per kg or save and have 25kg for 70

Other baits can be purchased for you on request so that they are here when you arrive.

That way you can start carp fishing in Smallwater lake or Lodge lake as soon as you get here.

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We also have a minibus pick up service for hire


Smallwater lakes Carp fishing holiday in France home page


An interesting read

One of the most interesting sport activities today, is Carp fishing. Most of the anglers prefer to go carp fishing in France because it is their most preferred hobby during long holiday weekends or vacations. You will surely get attracted to the sport of carp fishing when you arrive in France. There are many lakes that shelter plentiful & big carp and this is the chief reason why people plan their holiday location to this marvelous country. But to catch the carp perfectly you should learn all the right rigs and tricks. It is not as easy as it sounds and therefore you need to get the correct fishing tackle to catch & hold your carp.

You can look at several online fishing stores to buy the perfect carp fishing tackle. There are many stores presenting a great variety of fishing tackle for you to pick one that fulfils your requirements. But before you decide to purchase fishing tackle for carp fishing in France, you should remember several things. Before you plan to purchase fishing tackle, you should know how much cash you can shell out and this is a vital reason to consider. Note down the prices offered for different fishing tackle at most of the stores. Lastly, you can plan which one is the best for you and suits your budget. Just by comparing the prices tagged on different fishing tackle on various online stores, will help you to decide which one is the best for you to buy. However, you shouldn't overlook the quality of fishing tackle. But you should know that you have to spend money to get q high quality fishing tackle. Low quality products will not last as long. Fishing tackle that is of better quality will surely last for years to come.

Though, purchasing the perfect carp tackle is easy, but you should know what's available in the stores today. You will surely get your fishing tackle at best price if you compare its prices. You can even ask other anglers about the carp tackle they use. This will help you know the best fishing tackle store out there. However, this search might take some time, but it is worth the investment. Moreover, there are several other fishing products that are displayed on these online stores at affordable prices. Carp fishing in France with the correct fishing tackle will definitely assist you to catch good carp. Quality does matter quite a lot.

Besides numerous online stores, you can go to the local fishing store in area. However, it is comparatively tougher to shop in local stores as you have to go to each and every store and look for the best products.

So if you are going for carp fishing in France, it is a good idea to purchase quality carp tackle for that easy catch. In France, you can go carp fishing without any problem as there are some good carp fishing lakes there. With the perfect tricks and moves, you will definitely catch good carp easily.


Smallwater lakes Carp fishing holiday in France home page