Carp fishing in France

with lake side holiday accommodation.

Description of carp & other fish caught from Smallwater lake.


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Some very nice carp caught by Simon during a weeks fishing holiday

at Smallwater lakes in France. (August 2011)

A quick word from Simon.

Some pictures as promised which should help persuade any potential doubters
that there really are plenty of fish to be caught in this lake, all caught
on the same tactics adopted within the UK on pressured waters. I won't say
any more as what works for me probably won't work for someone else (as I
discovered when trying a blow-back rig).


34 lb common carp


44 lb going back for another day.


44 lb common carp


Looks like a Tuna


I hear these taste nice


Is this really the best koi ?


Knocked my glasses off !!


Nice Tench


Still looking for Nemo


Which one's the carp ?

Thank you for these photos Simon and see you all next year.


Simons second family fishing holiday at Smallwater lakes


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